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Best quality Durex condoms variety available for men.

Durex Pink & White

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Rainbow

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Tiger

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Multi Flower

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Love Lines

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Green Leaves

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Blue Dotted

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

Durex Black & White

Pack of 6 Condoms
Rs.650 Rs.750

About Durex Condoms

Durex condoms are the most popular condoms in Pakistan and men who are looking for either contraceptive measures, protect themselves from diseases or want to extend their pleasure use Durex condoms. Since they provide several benefits to men and their sexual partner so it is imperative for men to use them during their intimate moments.

Durex condoms come in to several forms like plain, dotted and delay condoms and men can choose from the vast variety of Durex. Different men have different choices and they have all the rights to choose from the best types of Durex condoms they want that includes, dotted, plain, ribbed, performax, delay and timing condoms etc. Durex condoms in Pakistan are also available in different sizes and men have the option to choose from smaller to larger or medium sizes whatever their requirement is.

We have included almost all types of Durex condoms here and you are free to choose form the type you wish according to your budget and requirements.

Durex condoms Pakistan are imported and are 100% electronically tested and fit well on shape of the male organ that is why men all over the country prefer them over other brands available in the market.

How to Choose Best Durex Condoms?

Choosing a condom for yourself is not difficult at all and men need to keep certain things in their mind while choosing Durex condoms;

1. Keep in view the size of the condom you require, of course every man is of different size and his requirement is also different. No one size fits all men and to avoid any dis-pleasure or embarrassment during your intimate moments men should pay proper attention towards the size of Durex condoms.

2. You can select from different types of condoms so decide before purchasing one whether you like simple and plain one or dotted. Both of these types provide different pleasure to men and it is up to you what type you prefer.

3. Some men who want to have better climax control and avoid any premature ejaculation like to have Durex delay condoms that comes with benzocine in it. This types of condoms gives extra pleasure to the men and his sexual partner because the timing of the act increases and both can enjoy for longer duration. Several men also prefer delay spray for this purpose while others just like to have Durex delay condoms and their purpose is fulfilled.

4. Choose from the best company because poor quality condoms can burst during the intercourse thus causing problems and embarrassment for men. That is why Durex condoms are considered as best because they are made of the best quality of material and men can enjoy the act without any mental worries of bursting of the condom.

These were some of the points that men should keep in mind while purchasing Durex condoms in Pakistan.

Durex Condoms Side Effects

We have never found any side effects of Durex condoms yet, rather they are best for contraceptive measures and to protect yourself from sex related diseases. However some side effects of Durex delay condoms are there for some men. Since they have benzocine in them that may not suit skin of some men men so they have to test them before using them regularly. This was only reported by a very small number of men whose skin is extra sensitive. Otherwise there is NO Durex condoms side effects at all.

How to Care For Durex Condoms?

Taking care of your condoms is very important because misusing can destroy the condom and that may cause problems for you:

1. Keep your condoms in cool dry place and away from heat because it is made of latex material that can melt and become unsuitable for use.

2. Some men like to carry condoms with them in their pockets, there is no harm in that but remember never put Durex condoms in your pants' back pocket because while sitting the pressure may cause it to burst and become un-suitable for use.

3. Never ever re-use the condom, always use it once and then dispose it away safely keeping in view the cleanliness of the surroundings. It is better to always burry your condom at some suitable place.

How to Buy Durex Condoms in Pakistan?

Buying Durex condoms in Pakistan is very easy through online orders. You can simply fill out the order form given above and your parcel of Durex condoms will be delivered to you at the postal address you provided. We use best courier services to deliver our products. We care for your privacy as much as you do and always send you the parcel of Durex condoms in plain packing with no mention of the product name.

In addition to this special plain boxes are used that are fully sealed so that it can't be opened by children and kids. We welcome any suggestion from you to add to your privacy according to your wishes. Since Durex condoms are imported so Durex condoms price in Pakistan is higher than the manufacturing country. The price in Pakistan is inclusive of all taxes, duties and over head expenditures. However keeping in view the safety and pleasure price of Durex condoms in Pakistan is not high and is within the reach of most of the men.

We ship Durex condoms all over Pakistan and you can easily order Durex condoms in Karachi, Durex condoms in Lahore, Islamabad and all the major cities of Pakistan.

Durex Condoms Reviews

We would like to add some Durex condoms reviews for your information:

1. "I bought Durex delay condoms and found them that they were better than other condoms that I use ed before, recommended." --Asad, Landhi Karachi

2. "I want to recommend Mans shop for Durex condoms in Pakistan, not only they delivered my parcel quickly but also found the product according to the specification and the quality was also perfect." --Barney Sarfraz --Islamabad

3. "I ordered Durex condoms online from this site and got them within 2 days, Durex is a good brand of condoms and I recommend for men this brand." -- Shazad Khan, Peshawar

If you are a returning customer and used Durex condoms before then we would love to have a review from you. Simply e-mail us your Durex condoms reviews and we will add it in our website for the information and knowledge of others.

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